Custom emotes for your Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, or Discord Server.

Illustrations for personal use, from Line Art to full color renderings.


Contact me via E-Mail: Contact me via Twitter: @TotallyAFan


- All payments will be in USD Via Paypal. 

- All payments should be made through the invoice link provided before production of art. 

- Payment is due in full upfront before production. 

- For amounts greater than $200 USD, a 50% deposit is required. 

- The balance is required after the planning or sketch phase has been reviewed by the commissioner and approved to be finalized. This may vary depending on the scope or complexity of the project. 


General guidelines 

- Please include any visual references and a general description. 

- The more information provided will help streamline the design process for a faster turnaround. 

- The prices outlined for Illustrations are a baseline. Pricing depends on the complexity and scope of each individual project. 

- Commissions will only be denied if the work appears beyond the scope of my design capabilities or if I’m unavailable to commit due to scheduling conflicts. 

- After payment is received your project will be entered into the work queue for execution. 



- Prices are for personal use and commercial use allowed. You may profit from the art, sell prints or products, etc. 

- You may resize or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format. 

- By commissioning me, you’re purchasing my artist labor and a digital copy of your commissioned artwork. I relinquish the rights to my work, I will retain the rights to use any designs for promotional or portfolio materials. 

- You are welcome to upload your commission to social media, as long as you give me credit for the work. 

- I reserve the right to reuse sketches and design elements that were rejected by the commissioner for other commissions or personal works. 

Order Cancellations: In the event that an order needs to be canceled before its date of receipt or any work has been started 50% of the deposit will be refunded. If you cancel within 30 days of order placement you can receive a full refund.

Order Additions: In the event you’d like to add to an existing order there is a 10% surcharge to keep it in the same delivery window some exceptions may apply depending on the size of the additional project items or deliverables.